The website was launched on 10 December 2020. The idea is to offer a free online photo editing software, in order to quickly create modified images. The use of the site is free and no registration is required to use the editor. With this image editor, you can create your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Lindekin page covers in minutes. You can also by entering the size of your image, create all kinds of images such as an infographic, a header image for your blog…etc. The online web application offers a large choice of fonts to put text on your images.

The free online photo editor
The free online photo editor

Photo editing tools

The tools for creating images are simple. You can duplicate objects, texts and shapes in a flash. This allows you to work quickly. Children can learn to draw with the “Draw” tool, which is represented by a pencil. In addition, photos imported into the site can be modified with a filter in the manner of the social network Instagram. The shape tool is useful for creating decorations and coloured frames in a project. In short, here is something to get your imagination and creativity working.

Images and photos

From your computer, you can import images in PNG, JPG format to start a project. The export format of the created images is PNG. This allows you to combine several images with the editor. The images and photos imported on the site are not stored by the online software. You are the owner of your creations and your photos. Moreover, the connection is secure and encrypted between your terminal and the site (https).

What’s new in 2021

Saving your layout

In April 2021 the online photo editor received an update that should delight all users of this photo web application. Now it is possible with the editor to save your projects for later editing. You start creating your layout and if you don’t have time to finish it you save it as a “json” file on your desktop. Afterwards, you can import this “json” file to start working again.

Choosing the image file and compression: JPG or PNG

You can now choose the file format of the image by clicking on “Save”: JPG or PNG. You can also compress the image using the “Quality” slider. Here are the available values for the quality of your images 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest quality.

Have fun with this photo editing tool Jérémy Begue